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thankful thursday

Thursday, 18 September 2014

final photobooth
Well now.. I figured it was about high time I introduced you to Irish, only fitting really as my blog name dictates that I ought to share the things I am most fond of - I can hear you throwing up in your mouths you know..
So yeah.. he's a good egg and I'm very thankful to have him around, he's bonkers just like me - for all of you who wonder why I call him Irish - funnily enough it is because he is Irish! I jest! (partially) It's because I was so worried about pronouncing his name wrong I just called him 'Irish' when talking to my friends and family and it's kinda just stuck (like poo on a stick). Off to a bit of a strange start but I am going to blame fatigue, despite being ever so weary after a solid few hours of painting I am extremely thankful for:

copper clocks :: my friend bought me a gorgeous copper clock from Tiger yesterday to say thank you for helping her with painting for an event.. funny thing was, I had come home with the exact same clock for myself about an hour before - I am thankful that my friend knows me so well!

photo booths :: I have been meaning to go to one for such a long time, I just love the novelty of having a printed strip of photos - I headed down to Rough Trade on brick lane on Sunday afternoon with Irish and we decided that as there aren't any photos of us.. why the hell not?! I've been toying with the idea of taking one Photo Booth photo a month - is that too often to notice any changes?

keeping my nerve :: yesterday I went head to head with Martin Lewis (yes the same one from the tv/radio), I don't know how I managed it but I kept my nerve and he seemed to take on board my opinions which I think makes a great editor in chief. 

taking on more :: I like taking on more work - I just want to show what I'm able to do and I'm extremely thankful that I am being given a chance to do so!

weekend adventures :: I did a whole lotta walking and a whole lotta eating this weekend - Irish's first visit to my house in the city. My favourite part was going to the science museum and him explaining how everything worked.. followed by a 3D iMAX film of the universe which made me feel positively insignificant, in a good way.

Sorry if this has been a little soppy, countered by the anti-emotional mentions of excrement and a slightly ferrel and rambling tone (it's the fatigue!) but this is a week I am extremely thankful for being happy, healthy and I having a lovely bunch of friends and family. What are you all thankful for?
Love Lisette x

inspiration #1

Monday, 15 September 2014

lisette loves pinspiration
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Well good morrow! One thing I've found about moving out on my own is that I've spent a lot of time on pinterest looking at my dream rooms and how it can inspire my own little space in London. Here are my picks from the weekend - what inspires your space?
Love Lisette x

thankful thursday

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Why hello there my lovelies, it's blooming thursday already.. that means I'm nearly at the end of my first week in my new job, the people are lovely and I'm loving the challenge of a new role - hanging out with Martin Lewis ain't so bad either! Moving was a bit of a faff and the first 4 days in my new flat were difficult to say the least because we had no hot water, we were showering with kettles and mugs #glam! Despite that, this week I am extremely thankful for:

catching up with friends :: got to hang out with the lovely Ella Masters and Jasmine Rocks yesterday evening, it was lovely to catch up with them - they. are. hilarious. We were cry-laughing, crying with fear and laughing at toilet habits (mature) but it was a fantastic evening.

living with friends :: there is really nothing nicer than coming home to a bunch of your favourite people, hanging out and talking about our days.

my view :: if you haven't seen on my instagram or my last post.. I have an insane view from my bedroom window. Every morning I get to wake up to a view over London where I can see all the big beauties like the Shard and the Gherkin. I generally just love my new room too!

food :: sounds odd, but not only am I loving living alone so that I get to decide exactly what I eat, I am also ridiculously excited to effectively eat my way around the city with Irish.

What is everyone thankful for this week guys?
Love Lisette x

weekend window

Monday, 8 September 2014

weekend window 080914-1
weekend window 080914-2
Well this has been a very eventful weekend indeed! At the crack of dawn on Saturday mumma and papa h drove me down to London with my beloved possessions in tow.. Shadwell, East London is where I now call home. Just 15 minutes on the tube to Oxford Circus and 15 minute walk from Shoreditch - not a bad spot indeed! I have an absolutely insane view from my bedroom window (as you can see in the top photo). This is just a snippet from my weekend - it's been crazy busy and I had my first day at work today, everyone was lovely and welcoming and I am really looking forward to going in tomorrow! How is everyone this week?
Love Lisette x
weekend window 080914-3
weekend window 080914-4
couldn't resist sneaking in a photo from my last weekend in the shire where I flew a kite!

thankful thursday

Thursday, 4 September 2014

thankfulthursday 040914

Well good morning to ye all! I am currently tapping this out buried in a pile of packing - it is utter carnage in the H household this week. My little brother is getting his shizzle together to move to Sheffield for University next week and I am flapping about like a headless chicken trying to sort out my life ready to move at the crack of dawn Saturday.. hence the use of out-takes from my blackberrying post - I still have a trip to ikea to take and a last night to spend with Irish tonight which makes me feel a bit gloomy. BUT in the spirit of thankfulness I am going to try and look on the bright side so this week I am thankful for:

Helping hands :: whether that is my friends sorting out the house, liaising with the landlord or my dad for offering to help me move my stuff down on Saturday even though I know that driving in London for him is like entering the seventh ring of hell! And Irish of course - trying to cheer me up because he knows I've been very stressy about the move and the new job.

Kite Flying :: who knew it could be such fun!?

London adventures to come :: although I will be sad to leave the shire, I am really excited to start this new part of my life and I can't wait for Irish to come and adventure in London with me

IKEA :: ok so I am really lame and the thought of taking a last minute trip to ikea fills me with joy

My new room :: I'm really excited to move into my new room, it is cosy and light and has an essentially large wardrobe. I love having a new room because my room at home doesn't feel like it's mine anymore.

You guys :: you have all been so supportive over the last two years and particularly the last few weeks since I announced the big move. I am so excited that I will have a chance to meet more of you now that I will be based in London

I know that this is a short and sweet one but I'm currently dripping my wet hair everywhere and my mind is in a million places at once so that I don't let myself forget anything essential - which I almost certainly will! What is everyone thankful for this week?
Love Lisette x

Lisette Loves | Hedgerow Galette

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

hedgerow galette 2
hedgerow galette 1

For the dough ::
- 250g plain flour
- 3 tbs soft brown sugar
- 1 egg yolk
- 3 tbs of cold water
- 1/2 tsp of salt
- 140g of chilled butter

For sprinkling ::
- semolina, flour, ground almonds
- egg wash/ milk

For the filling ::
- enough fruit - I think around 400g should cover it
(I used elderberries, plums and blackberries)
- 4 tbs of sugar
- squeeze of lemon juice
- handful of chopped nuts

Hedgerow Galettes
Mumma H and I took a stroll through our little village last weekend to make the most of my last few weekend's in a rural setting. We walked along to a family friend's garden and picked up some plums before scurrying off and picking up some blackberries and elderberries from the hedgerows. I thought it would be perfect for a little recipe at a really minimal cost.
How to ::
+ Cut the butter into cubes and combine with the sugar and sifted flour using your fingertips to rub the mix together until a rough sandy texture
+ Mix the cold water and the yolk and add to a little well in the centre of the mixture and combine to form the dough

+ Roll the dough into a cylinder, wrap in cling film and leave in the fridge for around an hour
+ Pre-heat the oven to 190 degrees celsius
+ Mix the fruit with the lemon juice and sugar
+ Once chilled take out the pastry and cut into smaller pieces if you want smaller galettes or create one large one
+ Roll out on a floured surface until about the thickness of a £1 coin
+ Transfer onto a baking tray (I put it on some baking parchment)
+ Cover the centre of the pastry with a mix of semolina/flour and ground almonds which should soak up excess moisture from the fruit
+ Carefully place your fruit in centre and add a little egg wash/milk to the inside edge to act as a glue
+ Close the galette by folding the pastry into the centre
*at this point I would add some chopped nuts to the top (I used pecans because I had run out of chopped almonds)
+ Coat the top of the pastry with some egg wash/ milk to give it that warm golden colour
+ Place in the centre of the oven for around 20-25 minutes (depending on the size it will need more or less time) or until golden brown. To get it really golden I dusted the top with a little sugar

Voila! - I would serve this with creme fraiche
I'm considering doing baking videos if I have the time because it would probably be easier to explain than it is in writing - what do you think? Let me know if you have a go too, I'd love to know what you think!
Love Lisette x
hedgerow galette 3
hedgerow galette

thankful thursday

Thursday, 28 August 2014


Good evening there my dears how are we? Me?.. I'm great! Tomorrow is my last day at work before the big heave ho down to London. Whilst I have loved getting to work with such lovely people I will be so happy to know that in just over a week I will be hanging out in my new pad! This week I am very thankful for:

A week of rest :: next week I have a week off work to prepare for my my big move and I really do need it

Quality time :: I've really started to appreciate the value of real quality time whether that is turning off the phones and having a good chat or taking a ramble down country lanes with loved ones

Successful recipe testing :: I've been fustering around in the kitchen concocting a hedgerow recipe and it was a real hit with Irish and the family

Kind Words :: such lovely words from a truly lovely lady - thank you Rosie

Bittersweet goodbyes :: today I said goodbye to the people who I have spent the most time with over the last 10 months - they got me an absolutely gorgeous hamper and wished me luck - thankful to have met them

Do you have any packing tips/ suggestions for me for the coming week or anything you are particularly thankful for this week - I really love to read what has been making everyone feel happy and grateful recently.
Love Lisette x

weekend window

Sunday, 24 August 2014


One thing I will miss about living in the countryside is being able to take a ramble down the road and fill a basket with free fruit and veg! I went for a walk this weekend with mumma h and picked up some lettuce, runner beans, figs, plums, blackberries and elderberries.. quite the hedgerow haul ready for a little recipe I have coming up next week. Last time I posted one of these weekend windows I had a a fair few people ask me to make it a more regular thing.. so here it is. I am so excited to have an extra day off for the bank holiday I have a jam packed day planned tomorrow - what does everyone else have planned?

Love Lisette x

Lisette Loves | Blackberry Season

Friday, 22 August 2014

blackberry season
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I was wandering down a station road the other day and noticed that the hedges were heavy with blackberries, so I decided this weekend to venture out with mumma h for some blackberry picking. It's not just the ritual of annual blackberry picking that I love.. it's the gorgeous taste of the seasons turning from summer into autumn. Let's be honest, the chill in the air is making it known that we are saying goodbye to summer! We normally make jam but I feel like branching out a little bit , have you got any blackberry based recipe suggestions?
Love Lisette x

thankful thursday

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Gut After - Morgen.. didn't you know I was fluent in German?! It's a very thankful thursday this week because all my plans are coming together like the evil genius that I undoubtedly am. It's been a busy week work-wise because next week will be my last week in my current job, then I have 1 week 'off' to get my shizzle together before I pack up my life and move down to London town. This week I am incredibly thankful for:

{ Meeting Irish's sister } she was even lovelier than described and I was able to be my nutty, odd self around her which was really fun

{ Not being homeless } I can officially say that I have put down a deposit on a flat!

{ Being able to laugh at the ridiculous } this made me giggle incessantly.. I'm told I bear a striking resemblance to said cat

{ Food - glorious, glorious food } I had such a good food week full of some really interesting regional Indian cuisine, Mexican food, brownies galore and the worlds best sausage and mash. I really truly believe that interesting food broadens the mind as well as the waist so if you have any quirky cuisine recommendations for London hit me up!

Finally after a few stressful weeks of job and flat hunting I have found somewhere to live with some of my favourite human beings, with a nice landlord and a great view of the gherkin (not a euphamism!). I am going into a job that I am so, so excited about so I'm feeling very grateful. All in all, a week to be thankful of - how about you guys?
Love Lisette x

p.s. I'm thinking of taking the step into Wordpress what are your thoughts/ experiences in switching from blogger?