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thankful thursday

Thursday, 28 August 2014


Good evening there my dears how are we? Me?.. I'm great! Tomorrow is my last day at work before the big heave ho down to London. Whilst I have loved getting to work with such lovely people I will be so happy to know that in just over a week I will be hanging out in my new pad! This week I am very thankful for:

A week of rest :: next week I have a week off work to prepare for my my big move and I really do need it

Quality time :: I've really started to appreciate the value of real quality time whether that is turning off the phones and having a good chat or taking a ramble down country lanes with loved ones

Successful recipe testing :: I've been fustering around in the kitchen concocting a hedgerow recipe and it was a real hit with Irish and the family

Kind Words :: such lovely words from a truly lovely lady - thank you Rosie

Bittersweet goodbyes :: today I said goodbye to the people who I have spent the most time with over the last 10 months - they got me an absolutely gorgeous hamper and wished me luck - thankful to have met them

Do you have any packing tips/ suggestions for me for the coming week or anything you are particularly thankful for this week - I really love to read what has been making everyone feel happy and grateful recently.
Love Lisette x

weekend window

Sunday, 24 August 2014


One thing I will miss about living in the countryside is being able to take a ramble down the road and fill a basket with free fruit and veg! I went for a walk this weekend with mumma h and picked up some lettuce, runner beans, figs, plums, blackberries and elderberries.. quite the hedgerow haul ready for a little recipe I have coming up next week. Last time I posted one of these weekend windows I had a a fair few people ask me to make it a more regular thing.. so here it is. I am so excited to have an extra day off for the bank holiday I have a jam packed day planned tomorrow - what does everyone else have planned?

Love Lisette x

Lisette Loves | Blackberry Season

Friday, 22 August 2014

blackberry season
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I was wandering down a station road the other day and noticed that the hedges were heavy with blackberries, so I decided this weekend to venture out with mumma h for some blackberry picking. It's not just the ritual of annual blackberry picking that I love.. it's the gorgeous taste of the seasons turning from summer into autumn. Let's be honest, the chill in the air is making it known that we are saying goodbye to summer! We normally make jam but I feel like branching out a little bit , have you got any blackberry based recipe suggestions?
Love Lisette x

thankful thursday

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Gut After - Morgen.. didn't you know I was fluent in German?! It's a very thankful thursday this week because all my plans are coming together like the evil genius that I undoubtedly am. It's been a busy week work-wise because next week will be my last week in my current job, then I have 1 week 'off' to get my shizzle together before I pack up my life and move down to London town. This week I am incredibly thankful for:

{ Meeting Irish's sister } she was even lovelier than described and I was able to be my nutty, odd self around her which was really fun

{ Not being homeless } I can officially say that I have put down a deposit on a flat!

{ Being able to laugh at the ridiculous } this made me giggle incessantly.. I'm told I bear a striking resemblance to said cat

{ Food - glorious, glorious food } I had such a good food week full of some really interesting regional Indian cuisine, Mexican food, brownies galore and the worlds best sausage and mash. I really truly believe that interesting food broadens the mind as well as the waist so if you have any quirky cuisine recommendations for London hit me up!

Finally after a few stressful weeks of job and flat hunting I have found somewhere to live with some of my favourite human beings, with a nice landlord and a great view of the gherkin (not a euphamism!). I am going into a job that I am so, so excited about so I'm feeling very grateful. All in all, a week to be thankful of - how about you guys?
Love Lisette x

p.s. I'm thinking of taking the step into Wordpress what are your thoughts/ experiences in switching from blogger?

lisette loves | frozen mango and banana smoothie

Monday, 18 August 2014

smoothie 2

Since I got my nutribullet a few months ago I have found that making smoothies is so so simple and easy and I particularly love to spend a sunday morning with a smoothie. My new favourite at the moment is banana and frozen mango smoothie with greek or coconut yoghurt and almond milk (or I've recently discovered Alpro's coconut milk which is delicious). I often add some chia or oats to bulk it up a bit. What flavour combinations are you a fan of - I love smoothie suggestions.
Love Lisette x

thankful thursday

Thursday, 14 August 2014

well 'allo 'allo! I've got that Thursday feeling. And oh boy it has been a stressful week. I guess it is about time I told you about my big news.. two weeks ago I handed in my notice and decided that in 4 weeks I was going to up sticks and move to London. Yes.. I gave myself 4 weeks to find a job and a house and move to London. I think I have the job side sorted and last night I think we got a whole lot closer to finding a house. There will be five of us in total.. most of my favourite people. So yeah.. pretty big news. I'm thinking I should probably document it in case anyone is also making a big move?! So this week I am very very thankful for:

job offer :: just dotting the i's and crossing the t's but I am extremely excited!

support :: having such a supportive group of people around me.. I would've lost my mind if it wasn't the support of Irish, my family and an amazing group of friends. Stressed isn't even the word.

team work :: I won't harp on too much but some pretty insane team work is needed to find a place in London because the pace at which properties go on and off the market is astounding

turtle :: I saw a sea turtle at Birmingham aquarium.. it was so amazing!

date night :: technically it hasn't happened yet but I'm being treated to dinner tonight and I'm weirdly excited about it.. I don't think we've ever gone on a 'proper' date - I mean the lipstick kind

I am super nervous about the big move and all the stress that goes with it but so excited for a new chapter in my life. I am so excited for the bright lights and exciting times with friends ahead. Do you think it would be useful to share my experience on here and what are you thankful for this week?
Love Lisette x

lisette loves :: grey scales

Friday, 8 August 2014

lisette loves grey scales

Whilst Irish was away I had hoped to give his room a little bit of a lift as a nice surprise when he got back from his holiday - make it feel more lived in, more like home. Unfortunately for me his housemate had other ideas and put a stop to my plans. But whilst I had it in the pipelines I had decided to use grey as the colour palette because it was neutral but with the right tone it can still be warm and cosy. These were some of the images I had used to create myself a little mood board.. yes. I went as far as a mood board! I used to think grey was boring and lacklustre but I'm converted are you?
Love Lisette x

thankful thursday

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Why hello there.. it's thursday again and I'm feeling pretty thankful.
This has been a pretty great week so far, first and foremost irish has returned from his travels afar, I had a picnic with all my university friends in regents park, had a few days off and got some pretty exciting news.. my top secret plan is coming together. This week I am thankful for:

I got one very good piece of news which I can't wait to share with you!

I found some lovely little cafes in Fitzrovia and caught up with my little norwegian dove

I got to spend a long weekend seeing all of my favourite people from all four corners

My new lucky charm: my wednesday bracelet a souvenir and my new favourite thing

I am thankful that we don't live during a world war. 100 years ago we were in the grip of the first fully blown mechanised war, the likes of which had never been seen on this scale and ferocity before. 37 million casualties, military and civilian. We cannot comprehend how lucky we are. Whilst we can draw comparisons with current and historic conflicts since, this changed the world irrevocably and I am thankful not to have lived through a time like this. Thankful that my brother, friends and father haven't been conscripted to fight in a war of machines. What are you all thankful for?
Love Lisette x

lisette loves | almond glazed cinnabuns

Monday, 4 August 2014

cinnabun 4cinnabuns 1
melt a few tbs of butter :: cover pastry with layer of butter :: sprinkle on sugar and cinnamon to tastecinnabuns 2
roll up the pastry :: cut with a serrated knife :: place in buttered baking dish :: bake until golden (20 mins)cinnabuns 3
mix almond milk with icing sugar into a thick, but still pourable, topping and drizzle on :: leave to set

After seeing these on my instagram (and after many requests) this super easy 'recipe', perfect for picnics and breakfasts, cinnabuns, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon swirls.. whatever you want to call them! You can make them with sugar, cinnamon, butter and some shop bought (or home made) puff pastry - you can even get 'light' puff pastry from Tesco's which is what I used. The ooey gooey topping made from almond (or regular) milk and icing sugar and can be made as thick or thin as you like, or doesn't have to be included at all. The best thing about them.. apart from the taste of course.. is the smell - this will leave your home saturated by the sweet cinnamon-y smell which is pretty magical!
Love Lisette x

weekend window

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Last weekend was such a lovely one I really wanted to share a few snapshots from it - a window into my weekend if you will. A weekend full of laughs.
Love Lisette x